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Alchemy Agency works with the most creative, dynamic, and pioneering artists and influencers in the industry today, shaping the world of digital content and redefining the face of entertainment.

Alchemy Agency is a talent acquisition and entertainment company connecting people to paid gigs and live streaming careers. We work with talent of all types, social media influencers, those looking to grow their personal brand, and anyone who is outgoing, committed, and enjoys connecting to others. We are a team of motivated, successful, and innovate individuals here to assist you with developing or expanding your talent and brand in the world of social media and live streaming.

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Positions we are hiring for:

Online Broadcasting

Who we are looking for:

We love talent of all types! Examples of creators we are looking for:

Musicians, make-up artists, dancers, chefs, circus performers, aerialists, social media influencers, singers, reality show personalities, actors/actresses, travel & lifestyle bloggers, DJs, magicians, models, painters, fashionistas/clothiers, yogis, comedians, fitness enthusiasts, specialty acts, anyone with a niche or craft, people who love to socialize

Don’t feel you have a specific talent?

Live streaming is for anyone who is social, personable, and looking to grow their network or brand. Everyone has something unique to offer!

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App Description

One of the top live streaming apps in Apple Store and Google Play with over 200 million monthly active users worldwide.

This is a CLEAN CONTENT app. Adult content is not allowed such as smoking, drinking, sexually suggestive content, profanity, or vulgarity of any sort. You are representing Alchemy Agency and the app. You must keep a clean image while live. The app will not tolerate violations and will terminate hosts who violate the community standards.

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Job Description

Host a live stream and interact with viewers and fans in real time—similar to Facebook or Instagram live. Broadcasts are unique to each person and can range between full performances or shows to instructional classes to collaborating with other broadcasters to simply chatting and socializing with your viewers and fans. The app is also a great tool to assist you in growing other social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

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Hourly Requirements

30 hours minimum per month

Hourly restrictions apply. Hosts get a maximum of 2 hours credit a day towards monthly hour requirements. Hosts are not limited to 2 hours of live streaming a day but the app will only apply the first 2 hours to the monthly hour requirements. With these restrictions, hosts must be live a minimum of 15 days out of the month. Staying consistently active helps you maintain your following and fan support.

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Pay Rates

Payment range starts at $20 per hour and goes over $500 per hour for top hosts and creators.

There are multiple streams of income:

  1. You are paid directly from the app once a month. (The hourly rates listed above are calculated only for this category. It does not factor in the following two streams of income so you can exceed those rates.)
  2. Your fans can send you virtual gifts that translate into money you can cash out throughout the month. It is similar to a tip or sponsorship and a symbol of appreciation for your time, work, or performance.
  3. You can get involved in official events coordinated by the app. Each event will pay you a bonus for participating. The bonus typically gets bigger as you do better in the event.
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Remote! Go live from the comfort of your home or anywhere you choose to work. You can take the app on-the-go if you have a lifestyle that requires you to travel often

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